Wednesday, October 3, 2007

supervised teaching

I am taking Supervised Teaching course this semester. I feel it is very helpful for me. I used to foucus teaching on the details of the pieces, but neglect the general thing from the student himself(herself). Now I know that I need to give students a range, and let them play different kind of pieces with various characters. Find ideas and reasons behind music, let them know how to practice themselves.
" If you give a Hungry man a fish, he can eat it, and tomorrow he will be hungry again.
If you give hime a fishing rod, he can catch fish and feed himself. "

presentation of Theology

Theology is a very broad topic for disscussing. I spent several days for doing research about it, and felt headache. The topic is just like from a small dune to a big mountain. Whenever a question showing up, you want to work out it, but the one question connect another one, finnaly the questions become a chain. I wish I were a student in theology department, it would be easy for me.
I am still not sure if I would talk correctly or not, but generally I worked hard for doing it.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Mozart's Requiem

Mozart's Requiem Mass in D minor (K.626) was composed in 1791. It was his last composition, and is one of his most powerful and reognized works.