Sunday, December 2, 2007

Beethoven vs. Mozart

In my piano literature class, we just finished learning about Beethoven's piano music. Beethoven is one of my most favorite composers, I think I need to write something about him. I would like to compare Mozart with Beethoven. Both of them are very famous and left a lot of great music, but their music are very different.
Mozart was happy, Cheerful, and not very responsible with money. Beethoven was moody, ill-tempered, and handled business very well.
Mozart's music writing was neat and was almost always completed in his head before he ever wrote it down. Beethoven's music writing was sloppy and he was always making corrections. Beethoven could support himself by writing music for the public rather than kings and queens. His music didn't have to be for parties or entertaining , like composers before him. Mozart had to depend on royalty to pay his wages.
Beethoven published his first symphony when he was 30. Mozart had already written almost 40 symphonies when he was the same age./ Mozart married, had children, died at 35, and was buried in an unmarked grave.
Beethoven never maried nor had children. He died when he was 56. His funeral was attended by thousands of people.

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